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Retail & Franchise — Retailers of all sizes are recognizing the value digital video systems bring to improving employee and customer safety, reducing shrinkage, improving risk management, and increasing operational efficiencies.
It has also helped capture incidents such as workplace injuries and employee harassment. The use of DETEXI IP video monitoring can also aid in tracking cash transactions to capture fraudulent activities that occur frequently in the retail environment.
By implementing a DETEXI video solutions, individual franchise owners are also able to keep an eye on their investment from afar and the management personnel is able to virtually visit every location in the organization at any time, in any weather and in any traffic condition within seconds.
Prison Security — Prison systems must ensure the security of staff and the prevention of inmate escape. Considering that penitentiary institutions have a large ratio of prisoners to staff members this can be a daunting challenge.
Solutions must be intelligent and advanced to handle breaches in security while covering many different locations at one time. Due to strained governmental resources the system must also be cost-effective. To meet these security requirements, several facilities have turned to IP based video solutions.
Construction — Theft in construction industry has become an ever increasing problem over the last several years. Conventional security guards do very little to prevent theft and nothing at all to recover any stolen material.
The DETEXI construction site security solutions drastically reduce thefts on construction sites as well as lower the overall monthly security costs.
The DETEXI system is great project management tool, especially useful for managing multiple remote locations in a real time environment.
DETEXI construction site security solution is approved by insurance companies as a complete guard replacement.
Warehousing & Transportation — Firms in the truck transportation and warehousing industry provide a link between manufacturers and consumers.
DETEXI video solutions provide physical security but also prevent product from being stolen as well as mitigate insurance liabilities. It include a detailed site survey noting areas of vulnerability, sight lines and traffic flows to built a security system model; outfit site with cameras; video of any unauthorized entry to the interior or the perimeter of the building is streamed off site to a live monitoring facility in addition any approach within 30 feet of the warehouse or target areas initiates a voice warning system.
Implementing the DETEXI vastly expedites the process of damage claims and customers receive their goods or at least an answer much quicker.
DETEXI Network Video Management system provides real-time video content and analysis solutions that meet the critical needs of business in today’s security environment. This advanced application delivers advanced visual security management through motion detection, monitoring and recording of digital images and application level integration with other control systems and existing analog CCTV system.

DETEXI IP-Surveillance is an established and attractive technology for a vast number of applications in sectors, such as:
Banking and Finance — Using DETEXI IP video monitoring, financial institutions can easily and effectively manage multiple locations. Central, regional or local administration and monitoring are up to the customer.
DETEXI IP video monitoring is very effective for viewing areas such as ATMs and drive-up windows. The high quality video that IP digital capture at the time of an incident is critical for use as evidence.
Education — Providing a safe environment for students from grade school through university level is an ever-increasing challenge. DETEXI video monitoring aids in the reduction of damage to school property and most importantly, increases student safety through its effectiveness as a deterrent.
DETEXI e-Surveillance system allows administrators and law enforcement officers to act on emergency situations in real-time with digital video surveillance over TCP/IP networks.
Facilities — Be it corporate enterprises, government institutions, office complexes, local or remote utilities or other harsh environments, security and operations personnel at these establishments must manage the facility, protect the property and assets, and mitigate all threats to staff, customers, tenants and other guests.
Scalable DETEXI video solutions provide comprehensive video surveillance, monitoring and security for public and private locations.
Security management resources can be centralized for greater cost efficiencies, and better informed for greater responsiveness. Networked video can be accessed as necessary from urban and remote sites.
Public Transit Security — As more and more railroads, highways and public transit develop into prime targets for terrorists, it becomes increasingly important to ensure the safety of all transport users. DETEXI therefore offers efficient security solutions, assuring the complete protection of all transportation infrastructures.
Government — Homeland security is a major focus for government agencies. DETEXI video monitoring is crucial for securing areas such as federal, state and city facilities, parks, courts, traffic intersections, and more.
Employing a new high-tech approach to fighting crime by deploying a network of IP based cameras citywide provides infrastructure protection and increases crime-fighting capability.
Manufacturing/Industrial — Quality control, safety, and production efficiency are challenges faced by this industry every day. DETEXI IP video solutions used to focus on critical points of the production line help to increase productivity, avoid problems and pinpoint potential trouble spots before an incident occurs.
Addressing issues proactively aids in preventing injury and avoiding additional costs. DETEXI IP video solutions are especially useful in extreme working environments such as steel mills and chemical plants.
First Responders — First Responders security and safety are among the greatest challenges facing First Responder teams (police, fire, medical and other emergency professionals).
Securing a fixed facility is difficult enough, but how does one monitor a fleet of moving vehicles - police cruisers, emergency response trucks, other public safety vehicles - and ensure the safety and well being of the personnel and passengers within?
In-vehicle Mobile DETEXI solutions help to improve responsiveness, reduce risks and collect video evidence from field activities. Fixed DETEXI solutions provide monitoring of stations and other facilities, archiving of interrogations, and protection of assets.
Full interoperability between mobile and fixed solutions ensures consistent user operation, seamless video access and storage, and flexible system growth.
First response and public safety teams including law enforcement, fire, medical and other emergency services can all rely on DETEXI for both mobile and fixed video surveillance systems.
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