Flexible surveillance software for network video.


Product List

License Part # Include
Base licenses
5-base license DTX-R5
  • Defined number of supported video inputs
  • 1 Local DETEXI Client (on NVR Server)
  • Any computer on the network can use the DETEXI Remote Client for free
  • 1 Remote DETEXI Client simultaneous connection
  • Support all cameras from the Supported Network Cameras list
10-base license DTX-R10
15-base license DTX-R15
20-base license DTX-R20
30-base license DTX-R30
40-base license DTX-R40
50-base license DTX-R50
60-base license DTX-R60
100-ivas base license DTX-IR100
  • System configuration with more than 30% of IVAS cameras
  • Up to 100 of supported video inputs
Upgrade licenses
1-video input upgrade license DTX-AD1
  • Add 1 video input to supported
5-video input upgrade license DTX-AD5
  • Add 5 video inputs to supported (up to 60)
1-connection license DTX-C1
  • Add defined number of supported Remote DETEXI Client simultaneous connections
4-connection license DTX-C4
9-connection license DTX-C9
24-connection upgrade DTX-C24
Support & software upgrade licenses
1-year support SAP-1
  • Defined number of years access to support, future versions and upgrade
2-year support SAP-2
Supplementary software licenses
ivas-analitics DTX-IVAS
  • DETEXI IVAS — Intelligent Video Analysis Control
pda-base license DTX-PDA
  • Remote DETEXI PDA Client (Mobile 5, Mobile PC 2003)
Multi-site connectivity licenses
5-child-domain base license DTX-D5
  • NVR Domain Controller
  • Control defined number of child NVRs in the NVR network (domain)
  • 5 Remote DETEXI Client simultaneous connections
  • No video inputs included
10-child-domain base license DTX-D10
15-child-domain base license DTX-D15
20-child-domain base license DTX-D20
40-child-domain base license DTX-D40
60-child-domain base license DTX-D60
1-child upgrade license DTX-ADC1
  • Add defined number of child NVRs to the multi-site NVR network
5-child upgrade license DTX-ADC5
Integration software licenses
dtx-isonas base license DTX-ISON
  • DETEXI NVR – ISONAS Bridge — Integration of ISONAS IP proximity card reader - controllers solution
access-control base license DTX-ICM
  • DETEXI ICM — Integrated response to access control information (Paradox panel, I/O PCI Card, Game Port)
audio-gate base license DTX-AM
  • DETEXI IP Audio — Integrated two way audio/gate control
  • Cameras and licenses can be added one by one and the system hardware and/or software can be expanded to meet increased performance requirements.
  • The maximum of video inputs/clients supported by one installation of the DETEXI NVR is NOT software limited.
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