Flexible surveillance software for network video.

In the DETEXI IP-Surveillance application, digitized video and/or audio streams can be sent to any location — via a wired and/or wireless IP network, enabling video monitoring and recording from ANYWHERE with network access.


DETEXI Network Video Management Software
Distributed NVR Network — DETEXI NVR Domain
DETEXI security installation has the ability to scale from small business use to enterprise level security operations. With a number of cameras sending information over a long period of time, the only way to deal adequately with the shear volume of files is to share the load over a distributed NVR network. NVR network consists of several NVRs that are logically attached to the main NVR — DETEXI NVR Domain Controller.
The DETEXI NVR Domain Controller is the core component for multi-site connectivity — it is indispensable solution for complex distributed environments and monitoring centers.
Thus, it is possible to control several NVRs remotely from the NVR Domain Controller.
Each particular NVR is responsible for its group of cameras and carries the task of recording, touring and alarming functions.
NVR Domain Controller learns everything about the NVR’s in the NVR network and their group of cameras.

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