Flexible surveillance software for network video.

In the DETEXI IP-Surveillance application, digitized video and/or audio streams can be sent to any location — via a wired and/or wireless IP network, enabling video monitoring and recording from ANYWHERE with network access.


DETEXI Network Video Management Software
General Features
The DETEXI Network Video Management software is specially designed to manage network cameras and video encoders to provide multi-camera viewing, high-quality recording, alarm notification, multi-view playback and remote access capabilities.
  • The software lets you monitor multiple cameras at the same time, and simultaneously, record video either 1) continuously, 2) on alarm and/or video motion detection, or 3) based on a schedule, wherein you can combine both continuous and triggered recording instructions.
  • The software can also send alerts if video motion detection or an external alarm input is triggered. You can instruct the program to display a video pop-up, send e-mail notifications, or trigger an external alarm device.
  • The software’s multi-view playback feature allows users to view simultaneous recordings from different cameras to get a comprehensive picture of an event.
  • An events search function lets you search recordings for motion and activities triggered by external alarms.
  • An event log can display a list of errors, while an audit log keeps track of all user actions.
The DETEXI Video Management System runs as a background service on a Windows PC with XP Professional, 2000 or 2003 Server. This means that even when you’re logged off the PC that is running the software, the DETEXI System is still operating.
  • The software supports recordings in MPEG-4 for optimized quality and bandwidth. For increased flexibility Motion JPEG and highly efficient H.264 video compression will also be supported in upcoming 5.6 release.
  • Digital recordings are saved directly onto the hard disk(s) of the local PC server running the DETEXI NVR software. On this PC, all normal operations, such as viewing, playback and administration, can be done.
  • Meanwhile, a free DETEXI Remote Client can be installed on any PC on the same or outside the local network for remote viewing, playback and administration. This means that the server can be placed anywhere; for example, in the server room or basement.
The DETEXI Network Video Management system is fully scalable. A base license is required to run the DETEXI Video Management System and allows for a specified number of cameras to be used with the program. Additional camera licenses, as well as software upgrade licenses, are available for purchase. Cameras and licenses can be added one by one and the system hardware can be expanded to meet increased performance requirements. There is no limit to the number of cameras that can be added or managed.
The DETEXI Network Video Management system as an open platform system has another advantage in that it can be more easily integrated with access control devices, building management systems, industrial control systems and audio. This allows users to manage video and other building controls through a single program and interface. Integrating a video surveillance system with access control systems allows video to be captured at all entrance and exit points.

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